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1000 Smiles for Kashmir

None of our work could have been possible without the generous donations from our donors and sponsors, the hard work of our volunteers, and the support of our partner organizations.

In 2015 Kashmir Fund DK became aware of reports highlighting the very infant mortality rate due to poor maternity care in remote areas of Pakistan. Infant mortality in Pakistan was alarmingly high. Pakistan was in the same category as war-torn nations.

Pakistan has a functioning health care sector, although it is overloaded by demands from an increasing population and lack of funding, it still has basic elements that should help it work much better than is the case now.

Using our experience with health-related problems in remote areas, we established a small team of experts who focused intensively on this issue and developed strategies to confront it with input from relevant Danish and Pakistani organizations. This research and support helped us formulate a triangular strategy focusing on the following key elements.

Over the next 5 years, KFDK plans to (a) build a number of maternal and child care centres in Kashmir, providing access to a qualified midwife, (b) performing training workshops for midwives in different districts in Kashmir and (c) set up free medical camps with specialists in remote areas without access to qualified medical care.

The goal is to work at the same time on all three elements of our strategy so that we can use the resources we have available as much as possible and reach the widest possible geographical area.

However, these results can only be achieved by listening to the people who have supported us and made all this possible. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions with us. There are still thousands of people who need help and you can help!

All financial contributions big or small are appreciated. You can support us financially or by volunteering.