Vision and mission

Vision and mission

Our history

Kashmir Fund DK was established immediately was founded in the days after the great earthquake that hit the Kashmir region on Saturday, October 8, 2005 at. 8.50. Shocked by the scale of the disaster, we felt an active effort was needed. It was not enough just to donate money. We wanted to be active in the relief work ourselves, and through cooperation with other organizations, ensure that the few resources that were available were used as optimally as possible. Kashmir Fund DK consists mainly of doctors and academics with Pakistani background. We have carried out several projects in the Kashmir area since 2005, and in the event of major disasters also in other parts of Pakistan, the Middle East and Africa.

Vision and Mission

We want a world in which all children and women can live normally and have access to health facilities. Our projects are held in areas with a lot of poverty or affected by natural disasters. Under these conditions, children and women are particularly vulnerable. Therefore, the conditions of children and women are an essential element of the projects we implement. We work with recognized partners. Ensuring that our work and projects reach out to the most deserving. We involve local people in our projects as far as possible to help themselves. This reduces Kashmir Fund DK's expenses, and ensures that the locals feel an ownership of the projects.

1000 Smiles for Kashmir

Kashmir Fund DK has been particularly aware of the reports, which highlighted the high neonatal deaths due to suboptimal birth handling in remote areas of Pakistan. Infant mortality rate in Pakistan was alarming, and in the same category as war-torn nations. We established a small team of experts who focused intensively on this issue and devised strategies to confront it, with input from relevant Danish and Pakistani organizations. This research and support helped us formulate a triangular strategy focusing on the following key elements:

(a) Free medical camps with specialist doctors in remote areas without access to qualified medical care

(b) Training workshops for midwives in different districts of Kashmir

(c) Establishment of health centers in Kashmir, where there is a qualified midwife

The goal is to work simultaneously on all three elements of our strategy, so that we can make the best possible use of the resources we have available and reach the largest possible geographical area. However, these results can only be achieved by listening to the people who have supported us and made all this possible. So, feel free to share your thoughts or questions with us. There are still thousands of people who need help and you can help!