About us

About us

Our history

Kashmir Fund DK was established immediately in the days following the great earthquake that hit the Kashmir region at 08.50 AM, Saturday, 8 October 2005. Shocked by the scale of the disaster, we felt that an active effort was necessary. Just donating money was not enough. We should actively get involved in the relief work and, through collaboration with others, make sure that the available resources were used as optimally as possible. Kashmir Fund DK consists mainly of doctors and academics with a Pakistani background. Since 2005 we have carried out several projects in the Kashmir area, as well as other parts of Pakistan.

Help for children

We want a world where all children have the opportunity for a normal life. Our projects are typically in areas with much poverty, or affected by natural disasters. In these situations, children are particularly vulnerable. Children's wellbeing, is a crucial element in the projects we initiate.

Help to self-help

We try to involve the locals in our projects as much as possible. Our projects have active participation of the community. This reduces Kashmir Fund DK's expenditure, and ensures the local population feels ownership of the projects.